5Cloudhost: Unlock 5 Years of Blazing Fast Web Hosting For 2cents Per Day!

5Cloudhost: Unlock 5 Years of Blazing Fast Web Hosting For 2cents Per Day!

5CloudHost Review

When it comes to web hosting every host is not created equal. 5Cloudhost proves that point with their bold and emphatic proposal.

It’s been confirmed by Google, that site speed is definitely a factor when considering what website should rank on the first page.

According to a recent study done, based on over 1,000 online shoppers – over 45% expect a page to load in under 2 seconds. After all, Google’s main job is to sift through info and find it quickly and accurately.

So why wouldn’t speed matter to them and to you?

5CloudHosting Was Created With This In Mind

Guaranteed Blazing Speed And One Less Thing To Be Concerned About

Get 5 years of cloud-based web hosting. That’s extremely fast, at a fraction of what you’re currently paying yearly.

Get reliable and secure web hosting for 5 years for only $47, that’s less than what you pay for the entire year now!

Save Yourself The Trouble

Just Starting Out? Avoid The Growing Pains and Headaches of a Slow Site

What’s the short cut to making money online?

That’s easy.

It’s getting traffic to your website.

If you want free organic traffic from Google, Bing, and social media you need a fast site.

Not just for the sake of being fast, but because your users need it.

Take a look at this:

As you can see, there are several reasons other web hosting providers fall short.

That’s All About To Change Though…


You see, 5Cloudhost gives you an opportunity that’s never been offered before.

You get to receive 5 YEARS of cloud-based hosting for one low price. And NO Recurring Fees. Everything is included.

Not to bore you with all of the details but It’s important you understand the details here. You’re getting, secure, reliable, and easy to use web hosting.

Here’s all the impressive features you receive:

  • Powerful servers boost your website’s speed with
    • 40 Cores Intel XEON CPU.
    • 128GB RAM.
    • RAID protected SSD storage.
    • 10Gbps internet connectivity.
  • State of the art Cloud keeps your website online and will load it instantly from any corner of the world.
    • 1Tbps Network infrastructure.
    • CloudFlare’s CDN.
  • Secure Infrastructure with all datacenters Tier 3 certified.
    • Each server has its own firewall, waf, anti-malware, and anti-virus scanner.
    • Backups are created daily for each account.

Because of 5Cloudhost powerful technology, the enterprise grade servers you’re using have instant activation which makes setting up easy and done in just a few clicks. But you can still rest assured you have 27/7 support if you need it.

5Cloudhost Benefits

Avoid Wasteful Expenses That Can Be Enjoyed on Fun or With Family

Ultra-fast Speed

All new technology controls the servers used by 5Cloudhost. This includes SSD storage and 10Gbps connect. This decreases the bounce rate for your site which improves rankings. And leads to more sales for you because it instantly increases your traffic.


Pick Your Server Location

Choose to have your server in the United States Or In Europe. You control the customer experience by selecting a location closest to your targeted market.

server locations

100 % Uptime – Guaruntee

Never worry about losing money or customers because of your hosting providers inconsistency. This one of a kind cloud infrastructure is completely integrated with Cloudflare. Your website will never go down, and will load instantly from any part of the world.

orange cloud

Easy and Simple

This is the most popular web based control panel for a reason. So this hosting platform is powered with cPanel. Everything is extremely user friendly.


24/7 Support

There may be a time you come across something that confuses you. It happens. Being able to reach someone at anytime is a huge relief when you need answers. Even at 3am.


BitNinja – Industry Leading Security

Website security is a huge reason to have a more expensive web hosting provider. But now You can get the best both worlds. Security for a 5Cloudhost customer is top of line. Every Datacenter is Tier 3 certified. Each server has its own firewall, waf, anti-malware & anti-virus scanner and takes daily backups for each account.

ninja face

Free Website Migration

This is a big deal. You get all of your sites migrated over free of charge. A migration expert eliminates worry of down time away with this service. Other cloud based web hosts limit you to one site, or makes you pay for it. With 5Cloudhost it’s standard no matter the plan. That’s a game changer.

free migration

No Recurring Fees

You get exactly what’s being offered (no tricks). You will get 5 years of premium web hosting with all of the benefits at a fraction of the price. Without sacrificing speed, security or support. You’ll never be charged extra fees or recurring costs… EVER

dollar sign with slash

1-Click Installation

Worried about integration? Problem solved. There’s one click installation for WordPress and 450+ other applications. No more fumbling around with tech support. Start instantly and use your time on areas of your business that need your attention.

onclink installation
5cloud addon benefits.

Who Is This Good For?

Take Your Pick

It’s great for beginners, who are just getting started and don’t want to have to worry about hosting and getting it right. If you are new to web hosting check out my detailed beginner’s article. I go over all of the mistakes beginners make when selecting a host and how to avoid them.

Product Launches

If you have a product your selling and you want to make sure your host can handle the demand for additional traffic, you can count of 5Cloudhost. Cloudflare integration and high security will ensure the highest and most successful product launch it will run smoothly as silk.

Affiliate Marketing

The first Cloud host provider that created its infrastructure with affiliate marketers in mind. Bring your review sites, blogs, and email marketing campaigns over without a problem. With the low priced package for 5 years, you can have peace of mind with no additional monthly fees.

It’s Simple… If You Do Business Online

Or Want To Be Found Online You Need Reliable Web Hosting

There’s no way around it. You won’t do well in business, blogging, or anything involving the internet if you have slow and unreliable web hosting. You can try, but I don’t recommend it.

What if I Don’t Like The Plan Or Service?

You’re Not On The Hook at All – ZERO RISK

money back guarantee

That’s right, you have a full 30 days to change your mind. But you won’t need 30 days with this web hosting you can tell the difference instantly. You get more than enough time to run speed tests and look at how your traffic is doing.

What I like about 5Cloudhosting is their confidence. They want you to be blown away with all of the services.

Not just better security or a cool user interface.

If you’re not happy with everything! They welcome you to get a refund. That’s why I switched over my sites and my site traffic has doubled.

See for yourself:

5cloud traffic stats
May 1st traffic last month with old web host

Now, this 5Cloudhost web hosting promotion was released to the public on June 1st. I switched over on the first of June. On the second look at my traffic.

5cloudhosting traffic june 2nd
June 2nd traffic – 1 day after the switch. Nothing exciting

But look at the results for my site on June 3rd.

5cloud traffic stats 2 days after the switch.
Boom! just 2 days after the switch!

But don’t just take my word for it

5cloud testimonials
Source – whtop.com
5cloud testimonial
5cloud testimonial

So What’s The Catch?

There is always a catch right?

Here it goes, this is for a limited time. Not the hosting company, they are awesome and aren’t going anywhere.

What’s limited is the pricing and the no recurring option.

See, there’s a reason you don’t see many companies giving out Cloud-based hosting for 5 years!

Cloud based hosting is expensive and is the upper echelon (fancy word for kick-ass) of web hosting services.

You don’t see any company offering zero recurring payments for any amount of time either.

And now you now why.

But… we have experienced trying times these last few months. And its always good to get a win when you can. In my personal opinion 5Cloudhost is doing what they can to help.

This offer was just released to the public on June 1st, 2020 as I mentioned earlier.

I don’t know how long the promotion is running for. I just know certain campaigns are offered and once the promotion is done that’s it. It would be catastrophic for you to miss this.

You could easily spend $100 a month for cloud hosting elsewhere, and not receive the state of the art technology and benefits mentioned above.

I won’t hold it against you if you think this is some gimmick or this is really some inexpensive service that’s just marked up slightly.

It’s actually the opposite. All the benefits you’re getting can cost you $2500 for 5 years of cloud web hosting. Don’t believe me, when you get a chance, read the in-depth article I wrote for LinkedIn on cloud computing.

This tells you exactly how much work and resources a cloud-based structure has and what you could be paying.

When This offer is closed it will cost you so much more!

But today you won’t pay that much.

With that said, some of these links contain affiliate links as they should. I am after all an affiliate marketer. This is an unbiased review of a product I use.

Writing good content that offers once in a lifetime deals to thousands of readers is not taken lightly. This takes a ton of time and research.

So if you do use one of my links, you are promoting my mission to help continue to improve the lives of people all over the world. I may receive a small commission at no cost to you.

Warning: Ignoring this opportunity will hurt when you realize later how amazing it is. And you will be kicking yourself when you come back in a week and it’s double. I won’t know. I am writing this blog for you to make you aware. That’s it.

This is your one and final chance, as far as I know, to completely bypass any future recurring payments and increases for this outstanding web hosting.

If you are at all serious about getting your hands on 5 years of pro-level cloud hosting don’t delay. Take advantage of the discount with the one-time fee you see below.

Select The Plan That Works Best For You

Click The Image or button below to Be Taken To The Sales Page

5cloud pricing page
5CloudHost - Get 5years of Blazing-Fast Webhosting for less than the price of one

The Last Host You Will Ever Need

Seriously… I mean it

The only way you lose is if you walk away without taking advantage of this offer. For some reason we as humans fear things that are good, we look for reasons to say something won’t work.

This bad habit will self sabotage your success. Don’t Do This! instead, see clearly this is a wonderful, and the cheapest and best hosting promotion you will ever find.

The CEO of 5Cloudhost Catalin Draga and me urge you to see this deal for what it is… worth it.

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We’ve Come To The End

It’s So Hard To Say Goodbye

We have come to the end, I hope you see the value in this and realize it’s up to you to take action.

You’re at a crossroads and one side stays on the path you always traveled. This road is filled with fear, doubt, and naysayers that you listen too.

The other is filled with success, the belief you can achieve it, and a business mindset that knows business is built and developed on taking action. I hope you decide wisely.

5CloudHost - Get 5years of Blazing-Fast Webhosting for less than the price of one

Wishing you all the best,

Rockey Simmons

P.S. Remember there is no risk on your part, there’s a 30-day money-back guarantee, the only risk your taking is not investing in yourself. Click the link and take action right now.

P.P.S This is for a limited time, act now while it’s fresh in your mind. You will have 5 years of the best hosting you can find and you will start improving your traffic and sales immediately. But if you wait that doesn’t happen. Why pay more later? Get your 5-year 5Cloudhost plan right now at a steal.

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