7 Dumb Mistakes to Avoid When Picking a WordPress Theme ‘Shop’

7 Dumb Mistakes to Avoid When Picking a WordPress Theme ‘Shop’

Can I be totally honest with you?

Most people have no clue what a WordPress theme shop is. So it’s cool if you don’t either.

Many entrepreneurs and WordPress bloggers are oblivious to the richness and untapped resources theme shops have available. If this sounds like you…

Try and Remember, you’re not alone.

Look at it this way.

Starting a business or a blog can be a formidable opponent: you’re juggling so much every day. You’re just trying to get it right.

We’ve all been there.

rubix cube
We are all just trying to figure it out

When I first discovered WordPress, my confusion on how to get help with my blog was ginormous, then boom I discovered Theme shops. This feeling of excitement and appreciation rushed over me. A truly surprising moment.

You know, like when you find $20 bucks in your jean pocket just before you put them into the wash (cha-ching).

Then it hit me.

If this was my experience, how many others didn’t know?

Well, the good news is – after today you will be in the loop too! Today you get to find you’re own metaphoric $20 bucks.

Today you’re going to learn how to pick a WordPress theme shop. Uncover the massive benefits they hold — while learning what perils to avoid along the way.

Are you ready to get started?

Let’s dive right in.

The One Thing Every Theme Shop Has In Common

Ok, so what the heck is a WordPress theme shop?

Let’s break this down (briefly). Picture this, you’ve just closed a deal with a new client.

You need to execute something specific on your website, but your theme doesn’t offer you the flexibility you yearn for.

what do you do?!

Scream at the top of your lungs? No…

You contact your theme shop of course. A WordPress theme shop is your life hack (support) for your Theme.

Think I’m exaggerating?

Let’s find out.

The Naked Truth About Your WordPress Investment

When starting your website, ask this question:

What kind of investment am I making?

In other words.

Most newbies (including myself at one time) take a theme someone else recommends we put blinders on and get to work. Because that’s how we get things done right?


Your theme houses all your content and data! — it’s your nest egg. It’s where you reap the rewards (long-term) based on your early decisions.

Your theme and what it can do is more important then what your writing or what your selling (that’s the naked truth).

Using a theme shop makes all the tough theme decisions crystal clear.

Don’t Be a Fool (You need this more than Anything)

Remember in school when the teacher gave out all the homework assignments early in the year?

I loved it ( I’m a nerd, yes). Doing them upfront freed up so much time — ushering in the flexibility to make adjustments later if I had too.

Or, offer help to someone else if they needed it. Very similar to a Timebank.

Spending your time upfront choosing a theme shop secures your freedom in the future. It enhances your focus on growing your business instead of putting out fires.

Don’t Get Ripped Off (Unintentionally)

The theme shop offers tangible benefits to help you select your dream theme (and a whole lot more).

But beware:

Countless entrepreneurs and individuals only buy one theme they really like. Sadly making a cringeworthy mistake.


Allowing money to control your decision — and not focusing on the long-term investment your making (tip #2).

Unintentionally ripping yourself off! And a sure-fire way to waste away your hard-earned Mulla (more valuable even, your time).

When you use a theme shop the savings are in the packages.

Stick with me while I explain.

Do Some Detective Work (It’s Easy)

WordPress Theme shops have packages with the services they offer. Yes, you can buy one theme (not recommended).

Or even better, you can get a package that gives you unlimited support, premium WordPress themes, and exclusive Plugins for life! (dependant on the theme shop). You get a luxurious value for a bargain-basement price.

In the long run, you’ll be thanking your lucky stars.

Here’s the catch.

Your only job is knowing exactly how it all works behind the scenes. And what you’re getting in return (no exceptions).

Understanding what your getting when you pick and use a theme shop is invaluable — There are so many features and services offered. That benefits you and your business. Why wouldn’t you want to know how it all worked?

I’ll offer you some great starter theme shops I use. This can get you started (find them at the end of the post).

Don’t Let The Nightmare Begin (Do this UpFront)

What’s your biggest fear for your business? In an article about the fears, every Entrepreneur must overcome one of those fears is about taking risks.

What’s my point?

Are you thinking ahead? And taking calculated risks?

Or are you:

the word gambling in blue neon lights

We live in the digital age, we’re busy and have deadlines. That leads to impatient and whirlwind (poor) decisions.

Rapid-fire decisions about things are costly in more ways than money being lost. Picking a theme with no research just to move forward is a big mistake.

Getting a feel for your theme shops service and core values are critical to your future success. You want to be confident in all aspects of the team that represents your business with their theme.

Google them!

Read everything you can about how they deal with there customers.

This helps you avoid un-foreseen limitations as things progress.

It’s Just A WordPress Theme (Why is This So hard)

Ever bought someone a gift?

Was it easy for you?

That would depend on some specific conditions, right?

Here’s the deal, in order for you to get the best possible benefit out of a WordPress theme shop you have to do one very simple thing.

Know what you want.

No good gift was ever an accident. The same goes for your theme.

When you know what you want, you most always find what you’re looking for (sometimes it finds you).

Don’t purchase anything before you do this. List out what you need in great detail. Features, website functionality and more, for example. Doing this gets your mind working, helping you figure out smaller details you might miss if you didn’t plan.

This ironclad approach will serve you well as you progress with using WordPress theme shops.

Now Let’s Take it Somewhere Awesome

So, what does all of this mean?

Simply this, if you plan on having a business that involves a website, you can’t overlook the massive benefits a WordPress theme shop can add to your endeavors as an entrepreneur.

As promised:

Earlier I said would give you some starting points on reviewing theme shops. I’m a man of my word.

But first:

This list of theme shops are affiliate links, so if you decide to use one of them I get compensated (it’s really no big deal but you know — disclosure and all that jazz).

Use them. Don’t use them, it’s your call.

Included are my top themes shops with free and premium themes. Hope it’s helpful.

And remember:

Don’t be like most people who learn something new that is worth sharing, and do nothing with it.

Yeah, we all have done it.

In this article, you learned what a theme shop is, how to recognize what a good one looks like, and making sure you don’t rip yourself off.

Most importantly.

You learned how to save yourself the aggravation when its time to scale that blog or business to its full potential. You’ll remember this article when it happens. And you will be prepared with the support you need.

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