Constant Contact and WordPress: Finally a Simple Solution to Building Your Email List Fast (The Step By Step Guide)

Constant Contact and WordPress: Finally a Simple Solution to Building Your Email List Fast (The Step By Step Guide)

Since when has complicated become the new cool?

It’s nice that Constant Contact and WordPress missed that memo.

Are you determined to grow your email list?

But you’re running out of steam – reading blog after blog, trying to learn what online marketing is, how you should use it and why it’s important?

Only to be left with unanswered questions, forcing you back into the black hole that is google?!

The Good news is today you will get those answers.

Today you’ve finally reached the right place to start your journey on growing your business and your email list… NOW …Not tomorrow, and Not in 12 months’ time!! …Today!

I’ve rolled up my sleeves and gone to work, doing research (which I’ll share later) to find out how to create a structure to abstract away all the BS about online marketing.

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To get the best out of this article it’s helpful if you follow along with your Constant Contact account. If you don’t have one you can get one here. But if you want to wait I understand… you’ll come around :-).

In this guide, you will learn a very simple, and straight forward approach on how to build your email list fast with Constant Contact, WordPress integration, and some ideas to jump-start your list.

There’s also a free gift but you need to stick around to the end for that.

So, if you’re ready for a deeper but simple understanding of how to build an email list and how to get started today and actually get results worth tweeting about, you’re in the right place.

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Stop Risking All Your Time, Effort and Money

When you consider the big idea of online marketing, it can become overwhelming. There are way too many tools, plugins (if using WordPress) and marketing experts giving their advice about what myths to avoid, and what you should pay attention too.

So who am I? And why should you listen to me?

I am Rockey Simmons. I am someone who knows what a good coach looks like. Bob Bowman (coach of Michael Phelps), and Nick Saban (coach of Alabama) to name a few. I have studied coaching and learned one very important thing.

A Good Coach is Hard to Find and A Great Coach is Even Harder!

Why is this important?

I’m glad you asked.

Not everyone offers you the right steps you need to take that gets you to the end result you want, or even cares how to start you off in the right way with learning something new.

Being able to spot a good coach saves you time, and we both know we don’t have that to waste.

We can’t get that back like we can money. So just know I’m offering Constant Contact as your coach, I am the GPS, guiding you to them. I care how you get to your final destination.

And another thing.

I only recommend products that are useful, easy to learn, and can truly make an improvement in your life. It’s my passion and I take it very seriously.

But let’s be clear

I am not here to pretend I know it all. I’m a GPS (remember?).

I abstract away all the things you don’t need and get you from where you are to were you need to go. If you get lost, I show you another route but in the end, you get to your destination in the quickest way possible.

In my case, I was a frustrated consumer looking for the easiest way to get my head around online marketing and this is my solution. (I’m not frustrated anymore)

And if you have begun actually doing some online marketing you already know, it’s not as black and white as some experts tell you it is.

Before long you have squandered away your money on some course or audiobook that you started with good intentions, but then fail to finish because there are just too many steps, and their formula just doesn’t work for you – causing you to begin again at square one.

angry face in red

And guess what? It has happened to us all.

The only difference is some people call it quits and never get there business or blog off the ground! Because they never grow their email list.

And some refuse to quit and decide “I am going to figure this out” fighting tirelessly until they stumble across a teacher who shows them how to make it work for them.

Which person are you?

It’s no secret, every business wants to have customers knocking down their door, every blogger wants their articles shared and to make lots of money.

That takes some effort, a marketing strategy, and a quality email list.

Constant Contact and WordPress make this process child’s play by giving you the strategy, and the tools to build a quality list (the effort however comes from “you know who”).

Let’s find out how Constant Contact does it and dig a little more into the importance of email lists.

Absolutely No Experience Required!

So how do you set yourself up for success? Constant Contact and WordPress that’s how.

Constant Contact has been around for over 20 years, making life easy for small business owners, non-profits and bloggers with there simple to use tools, features, and online marketing platform.

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. First, let’s briefly cover the basics and then move on from there.

What Is An Email List Anyway?

Simply put, an email list allows you to market to your target audience, these are the individuals interested in your product or service.

You collect emails through visitors subscribing to your newsletter, or website when they fill the contact form on your site.

But as you will find out later, using Constant Contact allows you to build your email list no matter where you are.

You are not limited to collecting subscribers with just your website like you are with some other marketing platforms.

Why Is Having An Email List Important?

The answer to that is actually the same reason you should be doing email marketing in the first place.

Studies show that 91% of U.S adults like to receive promotional emails from companies they do business with. And that email marketing is more effective than ever!

It gets better.

66% of consumers have made a purchase as a result of an email marketing message. Not to mention that the ROI (return on investment) is a mind-boggling $42 dollars for every $1 spent on email marking.

Yep here comes another aha moment…

You Own Your Email List!

Trusting social media and Google to send you customers is like playing Russian roulette (it’s dangerous). When you create a reliable email list your supporters are yours.

If Google, Pinterest, Instagram or Facebook go dark tomorrow, you will still have your list and maintain your relationship with your supporters while you continue marketing your services and products with no problem.

Remember: email lists are necessary in growing you brand and business. There’s no getting around it.

power point image showing stats
Source origin

What Makes Learning How to Grow Your List Easy?

First, you sign up for Constant Contact, then you’re greeted with a user-friendly marketing platform.

All of the tools and resources that you need are available and seamlessly make collecting emails natural. It’s incredibly easy to navigate.

They built their entire marketing platform with the beginner in mind, with no technical experience required.

5 Fast and Effortless Ways To Market Like a Boss!

constant contact user dashboard
User dashboard

As you can see above you can:

  • Create email campaigns
  • Manage your subscribers
  • View important analytics reports
  • Create sign up forms
  • Create an image library
  • Access award-winning help and coaching

Do you see how simple this user dashboard is? If you’ve been worried about learning new software don’t be. You will learn quickly. It’s extremely simple. And If you have questions, their marketing advisors are always available.

Let’s briefly evaluate each option.

What’s An Email Campaign?

constant contact email campaign
Image Source

This is a fancy way of saying: sending emails to your subscribers. When you create an email campaign you can choose from over 150 email templates, or you can create your own.

constant contact email template page
Email template page – source origin
constant contact spring email template
Spring email template – source origin
constant contact anniversary email templates
Anniversary email templates – source origin

An amazing feature that comes included with any plan you select is push-button email branding!

Constant Contact and WordPress talk to each other and will take all of your colors, logo, and personality from your website and create your very own custom email template with a click of a button!

And it’s free! Here’s what it looks like:

branding page button
Branding button – source origin
constant contact branding email page
Branding email page – source origin
constant contact custom email template
Here’s an example of a simple welcome email you can create

How Do You Manage Your Subscribers?

This is a straight forward task. They make it easy to import your current email list if you have one, or you can add your contacts one by one if you have the specific information you want to add for each subscriber.

You can also you can upload from a .csv, .xls, .xlsx, or. txt file, or import a contact list from a tool like Google, Outlook, Quickbooks, Outlook, Salesforce and more.

How Do I Know If My Emails Are Working Or Being Read?

If you did not know, its important to see how you’re doing with your supporters and the campaigns you run.

Viewing reports give you precise data on how your supporters are engaging with your emails, and where you need to improve your marketing strategy if necessary.

Adjusting your strategy after reviewing your email marketing reports is important.


Because making adjustments is how you get results. Don’t ignore reports. It works plain and simple.

And according to Ascend2’s 2019 digital marketing strategies survey summary report, email is still ranked as one of the most effective channels for marketing.

Constant Contact gives you instant feedback on your performance.

Is it Easy To Create Inline and Popup Signup Forms?

Sign up form options – source origin

Email forms allow you to collect names and email addresses from people that visit your website.

Constant Contact and WordPress make it easy as pie to include a form anywhere you want on your website. No matter if it’s a page or a post, the choice is yours.

If you are using a plugin like WP Forms you can easily integrate your form with it.

Another option is to download the Constant Contact WordPress plugin and create your own forms. They are automatically connected to your account with Constant Contact.

constant contact Signup form home page
Signup form home page – source origin

It’s quite amazing how they have made building a form so easy. The popup form works in a manner that reminds your visitor to take advantage of subscribing with a form popup box.

These popup forms can be customized and in doing so you decide when they interact with your visitors.

For example, you can have it reveal itself when someone is about to leave your site or after a specified time frame has passed once a visitor has entered your site.

constant contact popup
Popup form – source origin

An Image Library On Steroids

constant contact image library
Image library – source origin

So this is one cool feature. With the image library, you can save your images for later, to use in your emails.

Constant Contact also has a relationship with Shutterstock!

So, it’s directly integrated into the library, allowing you to search for pictures through Shutterstock in one location. Find something you like? buy it right there.

No longer do you need to spend $100 per month for 10 images. Select as you go.

If you’re like me you’re always taking pictures with your phone. Constant contact allows your inspiration to happen at any time, with there mobile app.

constant contact upload library
Upload library – source origin

Take a picture, and upload it right from your phone through the app and have it waiting for you later on. Cutting edge software at your fingertips.

Constant Contact and WordPress gives you a competitive advantage in Today’s marketing jungle, and it’s Practically Automatic!

By now I hope your beginning to realize… this is awesome and you’d be right.

But what’s the catch?

How can you be sure Constant Contact will work For you?

I’m so glad you asked.

This may not be everyone’s cup of tea, coffee or whatever beverage you want to use as a metaphor for this example. It’s possible you can struggle with any one of your objectives.

Do You Ever Get Stuck When You Have to Learn Something New?

constant contact support menu
Support menu – source origin

What set’s constant contact Head and shoulders above everyone else is their support.

Let’s face facts, if a company has great features but lousy service you’re not sticking around.

You don’t have that issue here. You can speak with a marketing advisor when you need help with anything.

Use the chat, phone, or email to get your questions answered.

Heck, you don’t even need to be a customer to use them. I called to test it out and not only was I impressed with the speed and politeness of there specialist, but I also found out how much they need to know in order to actually be qualified for that title.

Trust me, they will get you on track.

constant contact support library
Help center – source origin

What if you don’t want to use there support team?

Constant Contact has a phenomenal marketing resource library that can walk you through anything you have questions with. The blog advice center and free events and webinars section will have your marketing skills tighter than the top on a jar of pickles.

Want to watch video tutorials instead? They have that too. It can be scary getting started, but as a beginner or even an advanced marketer you have help. Every step of the way.

constant contact resource library
Marketing resource library – source image

Yes, you heard that right. Constant Contact professional marketers hold weekly webinars for free, for customers and non-customers equally. There is a different culture woven throughout the fabric of this company.

constant contact webinars
Webinars and seminar training for free! – source origin

Did I mention some are held in your local area! Learn in person for free!

All you’ve got to do is get this service, put in as much effort as they do and you can’t fail! They won’t let you.

In addition to you getting this incredibly smart marketing education – there’s still more!

Being able to build your email list on your website or blog is amazing, and just setting that up, and using some of the things you learn from the knowledge base and blog will get you going.

But that’s not good enough and Constant Contact knows it. So you also have ways to collect emails through social media platforms, done through special software Constant Contact and WordPress use behind the scenes.

For you, in a few button clicks, you can turn your Facebook page into an email collection generating machine.

You can create landing pages made specifically for building your email list, run Facebook and Instagram ads directly through your user dashboard and more.

Constant Contact is capable of working with other platforms as well, so however you host your website or blog, you can trust the flexibility of this marketing platform.

But wait there’s more (I’ve always wanted to say that).

Websites, and Logos, and Builders Oh my!

Did you ever dream you could have one place for all of your technology needs? Well, this is your dream come true.

Not only do you receive a full suite of options for marketing that’s easy, simple to use and powerful.

But you can start with absolutely nothing, then in one weekend, have a full marketing strategy, a brand new website, a logo, and do it all on one marketing platform with Constant Contact!

Yes, you can build your very own website with Constant Contact and it’s simple with there website builder.

Think of all the time and emails your going to collect with that stunning new website (that is mobile responsive of course).

There’s An App for that!

You have full control over your list growing potential, no matter where you are, you can collect emails through the Constant Contact app.

Spark up a conversation and the person is interested? Collect their email right then and there and target them later.

Never miss an opportunity! (that would be a awesome slogan).

So you probably thinking… this has got to cost a fortune right?

Well, this has to be the only time in this post I have to disappoint you :(.

Offering 60 days for just $0, for who knows how long!

dollar bill with free on it

So here’s the deal, if you want to try email marketing with Constant Contact you can start today for zilch! nada, a goose egg.

All you need is your lovely name and an email to gain access to 150+ email templates and the ability to transfer over your contacts now.

There are no gimmicks or catches, there is no risk that you have to fear. No fine print. Review the email marketing free trial here.

It’s Just The Tip Of The Iceberg!

If you want access to all of the resources mentioned above you need to select the most affordable plan for the value received you’re going to find in the history of online marketing platforms.

The benefits are endless. But what’s more important is the time you save and because you will have structure, the email list you will finally build and the simplicity of it all.

Let’s be honest.

You can follow trends or you can use one proven marketing platform for small businesses, non-profits and bloggers alike that get you instant results.

Review some success stories here.

Is Constant Contact for you?

Constant Contact is a beginner-friendly online marketing platform specializing in doing business with small businesses, non-profits, and bloggers and website owners that want to grow.

This marketing service is for those who want simple ways to market their business in a powerful and effective way. Who want stellar marketing support from real marketing advisors.

If you are looking to remove the fog about online marketing with a hands-on approach, and build a brand people care about, Constant Contact is for you.

It really is the best place to start. See what these small business owners have to say.

Constant Contact Review
Over 16 hundred reviews!
constant contact reviews
constant contact review
constant contact review
constant contact review
constant contact review
constant contact review
constant contact review
constant contact review
constant contact review

I think you get the point, there are over 16 hundred reviews, but by all mean you can read them all.

The bottom line is constant contact is reliable, and easy to use. And most importantly they deliver results.

This Is Not Like Anything You’ve Ever Seen Before

The next move is up to you. I’ve shown you the reasons for using Constant Contact and WordPress.

This is as risk-free as an offer can come. They have the best, try it before you buy it, email marketing trial in the business. You can use Constant Contacts email service and all 150+ templates for free.

You and I both know that if you’ve read this far in the article, you’re seriously interested in improving your business and personal income. All that’s left to do now is take action.

Let’s Recap

What have we learned?

  • You learned Constant Contact and WordPress make growing your email list easy like Sunday morning.
  • You also learned why growing your email is important, and why you need to start right away.
  • Most importantly you learned that in order to grow your business, you can take one of two ways. The easier way with a strategy or the, “I hope this trend works way” and hoping is not the best business strategy.

Don’t you think you owe it to yourself to move on to this incredible opportunity?

Do a webinar, use the free email marketing option, send out some campaigns and test things out. Go to a free seminar, your options are vast.

But you have to do something, or nothing will ever change.

Ask Yourself

Can you see yourself getting excited about owning a large email list that gives you tons of opportunities for growth?

Can you see the value of learning this exclusive and simple way of building your list?

Aren’t you looking forward to taking control of your marketing efforts with these proven resources made available to you?

Doesn’t it make sense for you to discover the strategies Constant Contact gives you for free in order to confidently become financially independent? (64% of Americans will retire broke sad but true)

How exciting would it be to provide an exciting future for yourself… having an email list that allows you to promote products and services to your customers directly gives you that future.

Isn’t that what you’ve always dreamed about?

If you answered yes to any of those questions, I think your choice is clear.

Sign up for Constant Contact by selecting a choice below, and get your account started.

P.S. Watch Constant Contact customers talking about making money and being happy with Constant Contact by watching their stories here.

P.P.S. Remember, there are ZERO risks on your part. If you follow the steps and use the resources you will grow your business with Constant Contact email marketing.

Don’t miss out on your free gift!

You will receive a custom instruction manual, walking you through how to set up your Constant Contact account, from start to finish, even setting up your first email campaign.

Subscribe by filling in your name and email and hitting give me my free guide.

You get 60 days to examine your email list. And access to 150+ email templates. Also included in your risk-free trial is full access to Constant Contact webinars and seminars all for free!

Best wishes,

Now get out there and create something your proud of,

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