Constant Contact Landing Pages | The Future Is Now: Build it, Share it and Grow Your Business in Minutes

Constant Contact Landing Pages | The Future Is Now: Build it, Share it and Grow Your Business in Minutes

What is the biggest problem with owning a small business?

If you said marketing you’d be right.

And the reason you’re right is because you have spent the mind-numbing hours trying to figure out ways to make it easier, only to come up with mediocre results at best.

This article is going to show you how to use Constant Contact landing pages to improve your marketing efforts today!

This page contains affiliate links, click the link for more info.

Your landing page is one of the most important pages you can use to build your brand.

I’d like to also add, that, in order to follow along, you need to create your Constant Contact account. Then, follow the steps below to use Constant Contact landing pages and build your business and reach more customers.

The steps are simple, easy and will give you a landing page to share in under 10 minutes! (once you learn the steps).

You aren’t the only one

Let’s be open about this, you are no stranger to this tug of war between sales and growth.

And you’re in good company.

say what

As a matter of fact, a recent survey shows a big fear of small business owners is not being able to market effectively.

And what fear is bigger than that?

It’s lousy sales, about 66% of small business owners explain.

These two fears – low sales, and weak to no growth, rarely stray far from each other.

And this makes sense since another report shows about 47% of small business owners, handle marketing on there own.

How can Constant Contact landing pages help with this?

You’re so busy

It’s simple to get lost in the daily chaos of running a business, so you need things to be quick and easy while being effective.

That’s what Constant Contact landing pages deliver day in and day out. See the proof here.

You need to see how easy it is to set up a landing page with Constant Contact landing page builder. And that’s what you’ll learn today.

As a busy person, respecting and valuing your time is a crucial skill to develop.

And since you will be running your own marketing department, having the tools to make it seamless is required. Let’s see how easy this is.

How can Constant Contact lead generating landing pages help me?

For starters, you need customers to make sales, that’s a given. What Constant Contact landing pages allow you to do is make your business building efforts easily shareable with a link.

What else?

this is huge

You don’t have to wait for google to find your page, rank your page, or any of that garbage. You just create your page, add your content, and create a custom link and start marketing. What’s easier than that?

By adding your link in your blog posts, sharing it on social media, and telling people about your business you’re collectively saying you’re worth doing business with.

By using Constant Contact landing pages you’re given a way to collect email addresses and prospects even if you don’t have a website up and running yet (build a site for free here with Constant Contact).

Every second you waste not maximizing your marketing strategy costs you, the time and money you worked so hard to earn.

red face graphic

And, as you listen to your mind, you know I’m on to something.

Are you beginning to see how important taking action is for you?

Let’s get started so we can replace those feelings of fear and failure with better feelings that harbor satisfaction and success.

How do I build my Constant Contact Landing Page?

1. Login in to your Constant Contact account.

constant contact login page
Constant Contact login page

2. Click on sign-up forms at the top of the dashboard

3. Once on the sign-up forms page scroll down to the landing page option.

You may not have the same amount of forms on your page but that is fine.

The main thing here to be clear about the two options you have for landing pages. If you just click the landing pages link you will be using the basic landing page.

The main difference is you won’t have multi-channel sharing. But you can use other options to grow your subscribers just the same.

But you want the newest tech right?! Of course you do.

So select the learn more link instead. This will bring you to the newest landing page builder.

And will allow you to use multi-share with your landing page, giving you the power to build a custom link depending on the landing page you want to create.

There should be the word new just above the learn more link.

constant contact lead generation
Learn more link you should click, if you want to use the new lead generation landing pages

Here’s an example of what you should see

constant contact landing page button page
Landing page popup after clicking learn more

4. Select create landing page

This is where you start customizing your Constant Contact Landing Page.

constant contact main landing page window

5. Fill in your content for your landing page.

This is when you’re creative side comes alive.

Add your image and your Headline for the page. Don’t forget to scroll all the way down, on your content tab. This is where the thank you page content gets filled in.

constant contact lead page
constant contact thank you page

6. Design your landing page

On this screen you will design your landing page, selecting fonts, backgrounds, and colors. You can also add an image. You can use whatever image you’d like, but selecting your logo or brand image is best.

constant contact design page
select your outer background color or image
constant contact design page
Here you select the fonts available and button color.

Now some people may go through this and say, I wish I had more fonts, or I wish I could add this and add that. And I will remind you of this…

Your time is limited!

You’re a busy business or blog owner. You’re not trying to win the designer’s award for landing pages. OK?

You’re trying to design something that looks great and gets you leads.


Once your leads and business begin to grow and you want to spend more time on getting a developer to craft something more visually appealing then do that.

Also, you have more options with the other plans Constant Contact offers, if you want to explore those options later. See more ideas here.

7. Choose your contact fields

This is straight forward. If you want the full name select the fields showing first and last name. What is great about Constant Contact landing pages is the ability to make a field mandatory or not.

What do I mean? Here’s an example.

You can have the full name, address, phone number, and company name listed, but the user can bypass them and still give you their email as long as you leave the required toggle button off.

What ever works for you.

constant contact contact fields
On the left you will see the fields you can add. There are more so make sure you scroll down to reveal them

8. Confirm your email settings

You have made it so far, congrats. You will be a Constant Contact landing pages pro by the end. You’re are almost there!

All you have left to do is select the email list you want this form to be collected by,

constant contact settings
settings options

If you don’t have one in the drop-down menu you want to use, then you have the option to create a new list.

The last option you have is to create a custom link. By giving your landing page a custom permalink you give it a little extra sauce (making it more professional and personal to the landing page you create).

But it’s not required. What is required is no, dashes, or spaces in your link. You can only use alphanumeric characters.

It’s also worth mentioning, you can create as many custom landing pages as you want!

When you’re done, move your mouse over to the save button and click it.

Once that is done, you can hit publish. You should see your Constant Contact landing page.

It should look something like this.

constant contact lead pages finished product
Constant Contact Landing Pages finished product

Now obviously I will be changing my page title. But here you will see all the information about your Constant Contact landing Page. And you have the choice to promote it or share it right from this screen.

It is also very simple to edit it. Simply click on the three dots next to the promote button to see your options.

constant contact edit landing page

This is what my landing page looks like after clicking the URL. Now you try.

constant contact landing pages final result
The finished product

Congratulations! You just created your very first Constant Contact landing page. Not so bad right?

But let’s say now you decide to send it out later. That’s possible, right? Where do you find it when you need it?

Simple, It’s in the campaigns tab, this is the same place your email campaigns will live.

This is cool but is Constant Contact Landing Pages all they have?

This is an excellent question with an even better answer. Constant Contact is the leader in one-stop shopping. What’s more, they make marketing as a small business owner or a singlepreneur (a one-man/woman show) easy.

If you’re looking for a more in-depth breakdown you can read my full 2020 rundown of how to build your email list fast with Constant Contact and WordPress.

In this massive post, I uncover all the goodies you benefit from by using Constant Contact as your marketing platform.

But don’t just take my word for it. Check out these reviews from actual Constant contact users, and business owners.

constant contact reviews
constant contact reviews
image reviews from
constant contact review
source origin
constant contact review
source – origin
constant contact review
constant contact review
constant contact review
source – origin
constant contact review
constant contact review
constant contact review

I think you get the point.

There are 1600 reviews, by all means, read them.

But in the interest of you time, it’s time to move on.

The great thing about Constant Contact is they know they offer an exceptional service. They give more value than you pay for. And, that’s why they have 650,000 small businesses that vouch for them.

They have the best, try it before you buy it, email marketing trial in the business. You can use Constant Contacts email service and all 150+ templates for…

read free dollar bill

You heard that right 60 days free, and all you give them is your email address.

But the Constant Contact landing pages won’t be included in that. You have to pony up a few lattes for that.

why should you?

Because both you and I know your business is worth more than that.

And It’s not like you are just getting this information from anyone. I use this service. Check my other blogs, I don’t offer anything unless I try it or use it myself. Full transparency.

I started out as a frustrated consumer looking for answers.

Constant Contact landing pages are easy to set up and they get results.

The Finale

You have a business, that business needs marketing. And, If you don’t find a simple way to market you will surely go broke or lose more hair trying to figure out a way to get more clients.

Don’t lose your hair!

Remember the stats: almost 50% of small business owners are doing their own marketing. And you are one of them, you need results and fast.

Instead of following trends or learning a complex platform to market your business, use a proven system that small businesses, non-profits, and bloggers have been using for years. It works!

Constant Contact landing pages are just the beginning of how easy marketing and growing your business can be. Landing pages are relevant, impactful, and concise.

Why pay less for more? When you can get more for less?

Don’t you deserve to have something be easy?

Aren’t you tired of not consistently building the business you know you should have?

Put your marketing strategy on autopilot with Constant Contact.

What are you waiting for?

Decide today to look into it. Try the 60-day risk-free trial, read the resources library, or call customer service like I did. Call them, and ask the questions you need answers to, in order to make a change if that is what you need.

But end the struggle.

I worked with the free email list for a week and said I need to try everything, so I did and I love it. Do what works for you.

You owe it to yourself to try this method and feel the wonderful results it can bring. And now you can absolutely free.

So either jump right in and commit to improvement or start off slow.

Better yet click the button below that makes the most sense to you. Sign up so you can start using Constant Contact landing pages today.

Believe in yourself, your brand, and your ability to learn how to market effectively.

You can do it!

P.S. Watch Constant Contact customers talking about making money and being happy with Constant Contact by watching their stories here.

P.P.S. Remember, there are ZERO risks on your part. If you follow the steps and use the resources you will grow your business with Constant Contact Landing Pages.

Don’t miss out on your free gift!

You will receive a custom instruction manual, walking you through how to set up your Constant Contact account, from start to finish, even setting up your first email campaign.

Subscribe by filling in your name and email and hitting give me my free guide.

You get 60 days to examine your email list. And access to 150+ email templates. Also included in your risk-free trial is full access to Constant Contact webinars and seminars all for free!

Best wishes,

Now get out there and create something your proud of,

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