WPX Hosting | SiteGround | Kinsta: The Ultimate Guide to Easily Selecting the Best Monthly Web hosting Plan (Even If You’re a Beginner)

WPX Hosting | SiteGround | Kinsta: The Ultimate Guide to Easily Selecting the Best Monthly Web hosting Plan (Even If You’re a Beginner)

Why is web hosting such a big deal? 

Why do companies like WPX Hosting, SiteGround, or Kinsta work so hard on their infrastructure, and the features they offer?

I mean, isn’t the traffic to your website, the design of your site and the engagement of your social media followers way more important? 

You would think so right? And you would be partially right, those characteristics do matter.

But only after you find a provider that knows how to do there job.

 The great Hilary Hinton (Zig Ziglar), legendary author and salesman said “Lack of direction, not lack of time, is the problem. We all have 24-hour days”.

A great start begins with the proper direction in mind. 

Whether you’re starting an eCommerce business or creating the next big blog you need to understand web hosting plans and the difference they can make.

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What your getting

In this article, I am going to break down the 3 major points in selecting the best web hosting plan. As we shimmy on down the page I will explain the benefits and features of web hosting companies.

By the end of this article, you’ll be equipped with the knowledge to select any hosting plan and provider that meets your needs.  Web hosting for beginners does not have to be a mystery.

Web hosting for students should be easy too. You have enough to worry about.

Look – if you’re a student your portfolio needs to be quick or that hiring manager is going to hit that x button quick as hell. Bye, Bye interview.

So, are you ready to discover how to easily select the best monthly web hosting plan for your brand, portfolio or blog?  


Get comfortable, and let’s get this show on the road, we have a lot to cover. 

What is Web Hosting, and Why Does it Matter?

hands up answering question about web hosting

Now I know this blog is about how to easily select the best web hosting plan,  so I will not be spending an exorbitant amount of time on this explanation. If you don’t know what web hosting is you can find out more here

I will, however, throw you a bone, and give you the definition.

Wikipedia’s boring definition states: A web hosting service is a type of Internet hosting service that allows individuals and organizations to make their website accessible via the World Wide Web. If you want a much more entertaining visual and explanation check out my article (it’s awesome & hilarious).

Why does web hosting matter? 

Web hosting is the foundation of your website, if you don’t take it seriously then you care nothing about your business or your craft. That might sting a bit but hey, if I didn’t care, I’d sugar coat it. 

A good host offers, support, security, speed, employer guarantees and much more. You just getting up and running is not going to cut it. 

Skimping on quality is never good, you always pay for it in the long run. And that is what we are about around here.

Think about this?

What was the last thing you bought? Did you pay top dollar for it? If you did then you did your research and made sure it was exactly what you wanted… right? 

You bet you did! 

Because it mattered to you. When you don’t care – the next best thing is acceptable.

Well if your blog, your portfolio, or your business is the next best thing then there are plenty of cheap web hosts out there for you. Have fun gambling with your dream.

But if you care about your brand, your reputation, and the standard you’re setting for yourself then keep reading. 

I will be discussing the ways to weed out those cheap empty promising web hosts. And help you be thrilled about your decision to start a monthly web hosting plan, the provider of your choice.  

These lessons are important so you don’t suffer the same disastrous mistakes beginners make, trying to save a buck.

Getting hacked and losing all your client’s data is not cool, potential clients and sales disappearing because your website takes 3 seconds to load! That’s not how businesses stay in business.

When you have A proper web host they make sure that doesn’t happen. 

And that leads us into our first step. Where should begin? Well, it’s like Tiger in the 1997 Masters… it’s all in the approach (google it).

Step one: How to Approach Researching a Web Host 

web hosting analogy- kid looking through a telescope being curious
Look and be curious

The first thing, is to be instantly curious, spend some time looking up the web host and the plans they offer. But more importantly, look at what people are saying about the web host. Scour the internet, look on twitter (the advanced search tool is awesome for this), read reviews, ask people in Facebook groups. Nowadays it is hard to hide the truth. And unfortunately, some companies do try. 

Kinsta has a wonderful reputation. They are built on the google cloud network (hello… were talking google here) and offer some of the most unique user tools and a dashboard that is easy to use and friendly to the eye.

SiteGround and WPX Hosting do as well, that is why they are represented in the title. There are others.

But, these happen to be the best quality and the most affordable for the enormous value you get from these web hosting masterminds. 

If you read other bloggers they bring up hosts like DreamHost, which is another web hosting provider. They also offer web hosting plans but it’s been said they are lacking in customer service and other areas of service you may find important. I suggest researching all the plans and making your own decision.  

With social media, and customers laying out their full experience for all to see, it’s pretty easy to find out who is worth spending your hard-earned cash on.

Step Two:  What Can My Web Hosting Plan Do?

We live in a world where variety is the spice of life, and that is awesome. However, when it comes to keeping your content available for consumption and hackers from sifting through that content you need to know who you can count on. And The only way to know that is by understanding the features your web host offers. So you and find out if they’re valuable or not. 

Here is a list of features and terms you must know about before you move forward with a web hosting plan and build a relationship: 

car with features displayed in purple bubbles, representing features one web hosting.

1. Resources available

Several newcomers that are setting up a website may think it costs a fortune to have unlimited resources. This could not be further from the truth. Kinsta, for example, has a very generous amount of special resources available and even their basic package gives you several premium resources that make your life much easier, without compromising your budget. 

2. Loading Speed

An article by MunchWeb revealed that a recent study by Fiona Fui-Hoon Nah at the University of Nebraska said that tolerable wait times are just 2 seconds. And quoted Google saying: 

 “You may have heard that here at Google we’re obsessed with speed, in our products and on the web. As part of that effort, today we’re including a new signal in our search ranking algorithms: site speed”.

It’s been proven that having a slow sight will alienate your audience and they will hold it against you. And The Gomez Peak Time Internet Usage Study conducted by Equation Research on 1500 consumers confirms, more then a third of these consumers told people about their unpleasant experience. 

Look: The bottom line is if your site is slow, people are going to bounce and be mad about it. People like fast sites.

So the web host you pick needs to provide a hair-trigger page load. Many providers mention the explicit average of their loading times on their website. Look for information like that on their official site. Check out this outstanding review on the fastest web hosts in the world!! Yup in the world!

The Fastest WordPress Hosting [Incredible Case Study]
Learn More Here

3. Uptime Percentage

So your site is blazing fast, but that’s worthless if your site can’t be accessed, uptime percentage means your web host guarantees your site stays available. Nowadays a website has to have an uptime of at least 99.5% on average. So if the web hosting plan you’re looking at has anything less than that, move on to the next one.

Now some hosts promise to compensate you if your site ever goes down for longer then expected. Let’s face it, we live in a digital age and every web host has to have updates, they need to keep your site safe and secure. Make sure they keep there promises about uptime and are confident in their abilities to do that. 

4. Domain Registration

Most leading web hosts handle the domain registration for you. All you have to do is select a kick-ass domain name of your choice and check for its availability. The web host can make this available in their hosting plans. Which makes it easier on you, not having to pay any extra.

Also, they can offer the registration at a discounted price or they can easily charge you a little extra for the convenience of taking care of it for you. It depends on the web hosting provider.

The first option is best of course for site owner on a slim budget, but paying for a domain name elsewhere and then hosting your site somewhere else is common as well.

5. Email Accounts

Some web hosts will give you unlimited or a set number of email accounts. This can be based on the chosen domain name and other factors. Some providers also offer security with the email and auto-responders which you can set an auto-reply for specific emails of your choice

6. Website Transfer

As a beginner, this can be no big deal, because you are not transferring a website from one provider to another. But for a business, this is huge.

If you already have a site – having a provider handle moving everything over is priceless. This is a very complex task to be bestowed (think Lord of the Rings, Frodo and Samwise hard) and not forget something important. 

7. Scheduled Website Backups

Based on the plan, the hosting plan can back your site up weekly or daily. Web hosting plans are constantly adding new features. Having your website backed up (meaning a copy of your site) is another game-changer. If something happens to your site, it can be restored to all of its glory with a click of a button. Tell me you don’t like magic tricks now. 

8. Customer Support

No matter how good your website is running, in the world of technology things can shift quickly. Leaving you missing out on thousands of dollars an hour. You must have a knowledgable web hosting service that knows what to do when things break. 

When your site crashes and your support team can’t respond accordingly you want to pull your hair out.

And if you have a host that does respond right away but can’t solve the problem that does you know good either. Kinsta, SiteGround, and WPX Hosting are known for there topnotch customer service, which is coupled with the speed they offer their users. 

twitter feed
Kinsta customer twitter feed
twitter feed
Kinsta customer twitter feed
Kinsta customer twitter feed
Twitter SiteGround image
SiteGround customer twitter feed
Twitter SiteGround image
SiteGround customer twitter feed

You must look for 24/7 support when picking a host, and if they receive any formal training or if they are required to be specialists in the managed platform already. 

Courtesy of trustpilot.com

I.E WordPress Professionals, check out what people have to say about WPX Hosting.

Is This How You Feel About Your Hosting Support?
See for yourself

9. Security Measures

The most basic security measure for a hosted website is having a free SSL certificate. On top of that this mandatory feature, your preferred web host must also include scanning of network and servers. 

It must also remove detected malware and protect the site from cyber-attacks. An eCommerce site must be PCI-compliant to confirm secure financial transactions capable of being made.

10. An Engaging Developer Environment

If your website needs a developer (sometimes it will) finding a hosting service that is compatible with the popular programming languages and platforms is a must. Any web host that doesn’t is obsolete. The best hosting service features of this category include support for multiple versions of PHP up to the latest 7.3, Node.js, Python, Apache and MySQL. You don’t have to know much about these languages, but you should be aware that your host can support them.  These can be insurmountable additions to your monthly web hosting plan and the devs on your team will undoubtedly be very pleased to have them at their command.

11. Content Management System (CMS) Support

If you own a website CMS support is paramount. Having the ability to move between platforms like WordPress to Magento or Joomla is a great option to have. It’s Icing on the cake just in case you decide you want to switch (why would you ever leave WordPress 💔).

WordPress is the elephant in the room, and sometimes being different is what you feel is best for your brand. If that is the case, make sure you ask what other CMS platforms are supported when picking your web hosting provider. 

Having the option to abstract the complex functionality required to navigate over to another CMS can be a rewarding feature. 

12. Site Builders

Being able to put together a website with no coding required – has changed the technology world forever. With free templated websites, sections, and block elements, you can build a stunning website in an hour. Some web hosts have a site builder –   giving you features and options not available anywhere else. 

This is more of a cosmetic bonus, but it might really matter to you, so it’s important you know if this is available. Site builders make creating a website easier, and more enjoyable. It’s not a must-have but, it’s cool if they do have one. 

A great rule of thumb is to know what you want your site to be able to accomplish. If you can get 10 out of 12 features minus the email and site builder your good to go (my pov).  

Step Three: What stands out to you?

This is more about your feelings. I know you’re probably like what? Who is this guy? And why is he getting all soft on me now?

Let me explain

When I first went to the Kinsta website I fell in love with the design, the ease of use and the graphical nature. I had a feeling, I reviewed the site, and had no choice but to sign up, use the dashboard and read the blogs. And I am glad I did.

And SiteGround and WPX Hosting are no different.

What I am saying is, when you begin doing research and playing around the website, and reading reviews, you will get a feeling that says: “hey I think I like these guys. I like how easy it is to navigate the site”. Maybe it’s the features you get excited about or the ease of getting in touch with customer support

For me, it was all three hosts. And I love them so much I felt compelled to share.

Kinsta is a great beginner web hosting plan, the support and speed are upper Echelon. The value you get for $30 a month is astounding. 

SiteGround is considered to be the web hosting provider with the best customer service support around. This is cemented by the people’s choice  2020 Stevie Awards.

SiteGround twitter feed
SiteGround customer twitter feed
SiteGround twitter feed
SiteGround customer twitter feed

Small business owners, agencies and normal folk like you and me who want to start a small blog can’t go wrong with WPX Hosting, It has the most competitive monthly plan around – Value comparison is well… just look.

With endless options available for service and an innovative platform that is engineered to empower teams and users. It is highly regarded as one of the best-managed cloud hosting platforms.

While already being the undisputed champion of speed and you already know… that pretty much guarantees success, in Google’s eyes. Check out what others are saying.

customer review about web hosting
Courtesy of g2.com

These are examples of things that stood out for me, hopefully, it guides you in finding what stands out for you when picking an affordable monthly web hosting package.

So let’s recap: 

Step 1: Approach your research of a web host with intense curiosity, when your curious you ask better questions and in turn get better results. Do your research.

Step 2: Understand the features of your web hosting plan. It’s only right that you put in the time to understand the features of your web hosting plan. This should be important to you… right?

Step 3: Figure out what stands out to you, by how you feel about it. So many times we ignore our feelings, but our internal GPS should guide us to our best decision if we listen. (my pov)

The Finish Line

Phew! I told you it was a lot to go over, but you have a guide to last you a lifetime. And what do you do with a guide that helps you? 

You share it. With others who might benefit from its content. Startups are created every day, and sometimes they aren’t sure how to begin building a presence online. This article can help. 

Maybe you have a friend that is brilliant and should start a blog about gluten-free recipes. Think this would help?

We have gone over the easy way to select the best monthly web hosting plan for a beginner. It is unconventional and fresh. You can now take this knowledge and use it for any web hosting plan you’re interested in. 

I offered 3 examples because I feel you cannot go wrong using any of the three web hosts I mentioned. The examples and twitter comments say it all.

Stay tuned for more in-depth articles about them individually. But until then get out there and start looking around and understanding what features matter to you most.  

Please drop a comment telling me who you’re web host is right now and if you enjoy the features. Any objections you have or if you enjoyed the piece. Check me out on YouTube, and follow me on Twitter and lastly sign up to my newsletter for exclusive WordPress content and giveaways. 

Until next time.

Create content you’re proud of,

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