By This Time Next Month, You Could Have Thousands of New Customers | This SEO Beginner manual and SemRush will Supercharge your Traffic Quick

By This Time Next Month, You Could Have Thousands of New Customers | This SEO Beginner manual and SemRush will Supercharge your Traffic Quick

Chances are you haven’t heard of me before. But when you finish reading this, you’ll be glad you finally did.

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Many people feel that SEO is difficult to wrap their head around (especially beginners) and it is… when you don’t have the resources or a good coach that’s actually helpful.

SEO for beginners doesn’t have to be complicated.

You don’t have to continue in SEO purgatory, spending hours reading blog posts and trying to piece together what the author is actually trying to teach you.

Every SEO pro struggled before. But times are different now. You don’t have to struggle as they did.

So if you’re fed up with SEO or you think there is no way you will rank on Google just hang in there.

I promise you by the end of this post you will be breathing a sigh of relief.

Give me this time, your undivided attention and I will show you the resource that will be your new best friend.

You’re probably thinking what’s this resource?

I’ll tell you.

SemRush is the resource.

They have several well-respected coaches that have one goal, and that is teaching you all you need to know about SEO and digital marketing… for free!

This SEO beginners guide is a companion to their teachings.

They will help you break through the newbie barrier and clear-up what you actually need to do to get results quickly. I am just here as a guide to inform you how to begin.

You will notice the blog is interactive, if you hover over certain links they will give you a tool tip with the definition of a SEO term. Clicking the link bring to the definition page. Now that we have that squared away.

You ready?

What is SEO (in beginner’s language?)

The term SEO (search engine optimization) means you are intentionally increasing the quality and number of visitors to your website. This happens when they use any search engine when looking for content.

This doesn’t include visitors that directly type in your website name or any paid advertisements you have that directs traffic to your website.

Benefit: When you specify what keywords you want to be found with, you’re telling a search engine that your content is relevant to that person doing the search.

This makes your website specific to the search engine and to the user looking for content.

Why is SEO important?

SEO is the reason you don’t spend more than 5 minutes searching for information online. And as the search engine journal points out “understanding SEO helps you understand the environment of the web”.

It uses your search intent to find your information in an efficient way. Along with some help from Google.

It also allows your website to be discovered by others, which brings in organic traffic for free.

The better keywords and phrases you use the more likely you get free and relevant traffic. There is a little bit more to it than that. But, for now, we’re taking baby steps.

Why use SEO?

Knowing the tricks, tips, and keywords your competitors know makes it a fair fight.

That’s what SEMrush offers you. Check out there free keyword research course later, it’s top-notch. Did I mention it’s free!

Add this to your do list.

Let me know how you liked the training it in the comment section.

Right now we need to make sure you know the top 10 SEO terms.

And the benefits they provide so you’re confident with this topic.

The top ten SEO for beginners terms and benefits

Why are you only learning ten? Isn’t SEO way more in-depth than ten definitions and benefits?

Yes, there is more to know.

But when taking a long road trip it becomes more enjoyable when it’s taken slowly and you appreciate each state, take breaks, and stretch your legs.

This is the first part of your trip, and your continued research with the resources that are provided will have you further towards your end destination in no time.

As a reminder:

Hover your mouse over the links to reveal a tool-tip with the definition, then read the benefit. For a larger view of all definitions, you can see the glossary page or just click the link and you will be directed to the definitions page.

SEO terms (the language of the land)

1. Anchor Text – The benefit of using these are for the clarity of your outbound links. You are telling Google that your content is relevant to the website you’re linking too; When you use clear anchor text.

SEO beginners normally make this fatal mistake and just use any words when using links. But using text that is descriptive of the site you’re linking too is better.

2. External Links / Outbound Link – The benefit of having an external link is to help Google and other search engines see the relevancy and topic of your content.

Note: This is different than anchor text because we are not talking about the words used in the text but more about the authority you gain when using outbound links.

When you link to higher authority websites (like I did here) it actually helps you build authority on your website. In turn, you are also showing google that you trust the site you link to. It’s showing trust, and this is very important in SEO.

3. Inbound Links / Backlink – This benefits your website or blog posts and pages tremendously. It tells the search engine you are a top contributor in your field. When you create unique and quality content you get backlinks. There are ways to increase your ability to get these links, something you will learn a little later.

4. Black Hat – You don’t want to do this, or even entertain the thought of using less than favorable tactics to increase your ranking. The benefit is not getting band and having your website completely disappear from google entirely.

5. Click Through Rate (CTR) – When someone does find your link on google how often do they click it. This is something you might not be worried about early on, but it is important to know about it. It will benefit you when you begin getting more traffic and you view your reports. See the formula calculation here.

6. Google Analytics – Reporting is always a benefit, and if you want to rank and start building your customer base, you are going to need to learn to love reports. Especially as an SEO beginner, here is a free course to get you started (because a little help never hurt anybody 😂). Google is the king and with this free tool, you can do a deep dive into your website statistics and visitor’s behavior on your site.

7. Crawler / Bot – This is more of a terminology thing. When people are saying “the bot this and the bot that” You will understand that the bot gathered information. It’s important to mention that bots can do many things so make sure you understand the context they are being used in. Example: spam bots.

8. On-Page SEO – This benefits your website, brand, and basically the entire internet if your content can be linked to.

As an SEO beginner, it’s important to always check that you are optimizing your content, making it unique and full of useful information. Also make sure your heading, and URL include your keywords. A great article on this topic can be found on

9. Off-Page SEO – This involves every kind of marketing outside of the website. This is beneficial to you not just for your website, but for you as a business, a brand, and a person.

People will get to know your name as they keep seeing your tweets, Facebook posts, ads, and emails.

Here is a fantastic article from ahrefs on blogger outreach (teaches you how to email top influencers to build a relationship for backlinks to your work.

10. User Experience / UX – This is extremely important, Google knows if your site has a good UX or not.


It’s Google, they know everything.

But seriously, make sure your website is mobile-ready and responsive.

Meaning it needs to be easy to use on any device, you will hear the word responsive used often smashing magazine explains responsive design well. If your site is not easy to use and flexible for your users to navigate your rankings will suffer.

Consequently, you might not even rank at all.


11. Dwell Time – This is beneficial information to have. It confirms one of two things. One, you need to improve your content, or two, your content headlines are miss leading and are click-bait, and visitors are not getting what they intended. Something many SEO beginners never notice. But you won’t make that mistake now.

These are my top eleven SEO beginner terms, learn them well so you have a strong foundation, and adding to your new SEO vocabulary later will be simple.

Now that you’re armed with these SEO keywords you can start talking the talk.

Remember earlier on, I asked you if you were tired of struggling with SEO.

Well, now it’s time to walk the walk and learn how SEMrush will turn you into an SEO ninja.

Are you ready to keep this momentum going?

Let’s dive in.

What is SEMrush?

Search engine marketing (SEM) is an online marketing strategy; Its focus is to help deliver efficient ways to promote your website and increase your site’s visibility from search engines and customers.

SEMrush started out a small business in 2008, a couple of SEO and IT specialists. This small group had one mission “To make online competition fair and transparent with equal opportunity for everyone”.

they’ve accomplished there goal, and then some.

They are the leading competitive research service for online marketing; And have developed the resources to help you create a successful online marketing plan.

My goal is to show you all of the free resources available to you that can be used now, that can help you start getting results.

They have the most complete all in one tool kit for managing your online business.

So if you are an SEO beginner it doesn’t matter. The coaching and the resources are premium and will help you master SEO and much more.

The best part is you can use all of there most important resources for free when you get started.

But before you start any risk-free trial, let me walk you through the learning channels they have, that are 100% free with no time constraints.

In addition, I want to explain what SEMrush does for businesses around the world.

What does SEMrush do For Businesses?

SEMrush helps businesses develop an SEO strategy that is the perfect match for each customer.

The suite of tools primarily supports businesses in:

— Customer selection

— Quote calculation

— Reporting

— Keyword research

— Content marketing strategy development

— Content creation

—  Fine tuning Content

— Backlink analysis

— On page SEO checking and more

It is hard to list all the services SEMrush provides because every company is different. SEMrush works with the biggest businesses in the world and they also help small eCommerce business achieve their goals as well.

There is something amazing about how flexible and dynamic this company is, and how they continue to get better. Check out their success stories here. Get comfortable they have several and they are blog posts, not testimonials!

Some of their clients, include Forbes, eBay, Amazon, HP,, Moschino, Wix, and more.

Now that you are familiar with SEMrush let’s move talk about the tools you can use.

SEMrush free services for beginners

As an SEO beginner, and being new to SEMrush I want to highlight some incredible features and benefits you have access too right now for free.

Spending hours in preparation are likely to pay off, so the SEMrush Academy is a great start for SEO Beginners. This learning platform gives you more than 20 hours of free relevant marketing and SEO knowledge.

Looking below you see an image of the courses page, there is much more on SEO available. I recommend taking a closer look later.

seo-beginner semrush academy
Courtesy of SEMrush

Keyword Research

Another main course that many find helpful is on keyword research. As an SEO beginner, one of the many frustrations can be knowing how to do keyword research. Greg Gifford’s course eliminates your confusion. Click the link below or on the right to get started.


Social media marketing tools (SMM)

seo-beginner semrush tool
courtesy of SEMrush

With social media becoming a core communication platform for businesses to consumers; Knowing how to market your business using your social media profile is ideal. SEMrush gives you the perfect way to do this.

SEMrush is giving you access to the full functionality of their social media tool kit. This platform gives you access to manage all your social media platforms in one place.

Why is this important?

The main reason is time management.

Having to bounce between tabs is tedious and can cause errors when posting your content. Furthermore, having this social media marketing platform offers more benefits.

Benefits of SEMrush social media tool kit

1. Scheduled Posts: This gives you control to – find the best time for your posts, create posts while web surfing, and import your posts from CSV files.

2. Get Insights: Detect which content is working best with your audience. Track how your audience is growing and find out details about your audience like when they are online their age and country they’re from.

3. Track Competitors / Boost Posts / Create Ads – You can engage in learning about your competitors, make sure your posts are being seen by more people with a boost and create an ad all from a single dashboard for free!

Lead generating software free!

Prospecting is tiresome, costs you time and money; And, in the end, if done poorly causes you to come up empty-handed.

As a business owner, you want the reassurance that your time is well spent.

Would you agree with that?

Well, SEMrush has done something remarkable. Introducing Oppty – lead generating software that is now free and available to use to everyone who wants to make finding leads much easier.

What do I mean?

Oppty offers data from over 8 million businesses across 49 industries in over 46 thousand cities, to grab data from and use in your proposals to potential customers.

How does Oppty work?

It gives you data on businesses in selected industry, with 4 main topics to search under.

1. Marketing Budget/Positive Trend: See what the lead spent over the past six months and offer a better price for example.

marketing budget
courtesy of SEMrush

2. Strong Competitor: This option offers you the ability to find detailed information about a leads competitor and then use that information to help a prospect improve beyond their competitor.

semrush competitor image
courtesy of SEMrush

3. Pay-per-click (PPC) / SEO Budget Gap: The lead spends a budgeted amount on SEO and PPC. Knowing this knowledge can help you evaluate your leads situation and offer your services where needed.

ppc seo budget gap semrush
courtesy of SEMrush

4. Negative Trend: The lead is declining in its rankings and needs professional SEO efforts or promotion. This option gives you the data you need about this lead to offer your solution.

semrush negative trend
courtesy of SEMrush

This is a software you normally have to pay for. There are other database information companies that sell targeted lists to businesses with this data at a premium price.

But here SEMrush is giving you large amounts of information about forty-nine different industries in one city for free.

I recommend trying it out. It can really offer a great way to find leads. Below you will find some screen shots of what to expect when you do your search.

Table view of data
table view, courtesy of SEMrush
List view of data
list view, courtesy of SEMrush
email box
lead email box, courtesy of SEMrush

SEMrush epic blog and free eBook library

One way to improve your customer reach is by reading quality content. Sometimes it’s hard to find. SEMrush makes it easy with their blog.

semrush blog
courtesy of SEMrush

This is an epic blog. It explains what SEO mistakes to avoid on your website and so many more topics relevant to an SEO beginner or a novice to search engine marketing.

The content is phenomenal.

Reading this blog will increase your SEO knowledge and marketing skills considerably, which will spill over into running your business more efficiently and gaining more customers.

SEMrush free eBooks for SEO beginners

Knowledge is a great way to remove the fear of a subject, and being able to use that knowledge immediately builds confidence. With these free eBooks, you can read content filled with professional insights that can be applied right away.

courtesy of SEMrush

There are 32 eBooks available for download, covering topics like content marketing, online reputation management, and many more that can help you use the SEMrush tool-kit better.

The SEMrush tool-kit is filled with amazing ways to grow your brand and customer book of business.

But I hate reading is there something else I can do?

Yes, you can listen to podcasts, and free webinars, that are current and not from 2 years ago. Now you can go back two years to listen to those if you’d like. My point is some podcasts don’t have new and current information. You don’t have this problem with SEMrush.

semrush podcast
courtesy of SEMrush
semrush webinar
Courtesy of SEMrush

Adding to this alternative way of learning comes one of the coolest and engaging ways to learn about SEO. And that’s with games.

I can play games to learn SEO?

Yes, that’s right, SEMrush has seven unique games that really help you learn about keywords, content marketing, SEO, and digital marketing. Here are some amazing stats about games and learning, and the trend it’s setting.

semrush games page
courtesy of SEMrush

According to the American psychology association (APA for short) “Nearly 60 percent of teachers now use digital games at least weekly in teaching, with 18 percent using them daily according to a nationwide survey of 488 K–12 teachers conducted by researchers at New York University and the University of Michigan.”.

Another important fact is “In Washington state, for example, lawmakers are considering legislation that would create a pilot program offering interactive learning games in schools. The White House and U.S. Department of Education hosted a game jam to promote the development of learning games.” says the APA.

I thinks SEMrush is on to something.

SEMrush live events, online events, and available in up to 50 countries!

Things are tough right now with the crises going on, so SEMrush has made it easy to stay up on trends by offer events that were going to be live but now are online. So it’s easy to register and sign up for these live events.

semrush events
courtesy of SEMrush

And once we conquer this pandemic, live events will be back in business. So take a look at the list, make sure you are in the right country, and see what interests you.

Traffic Jet: Guaranteed Traffic!

seo-beginner traffic jet
courtesy of SEMrush

What if I told you that you could fully automate the traffic that comes to your website! Would you be interested?

You bet you would? Who doesn’t want that!?

Because you made it this far, you get the golden nugget that so many probably missed.

How does Traffic Jet work?

With the Traffic Jet, you are able to convert traffic with ease, and you fully automate traffic with a click of a button. Traffic jet is the newest tool made available by SEMrush and it is a game-changer.

It gives you access to hundreds of premium traffic sources. It’s extremely easy to use, and your traffic is guaranteed!

Yes, results are guaranteed… I get excited just thinking about it.

Simply pick your industry, if you want to build awareness or want conversions.

In addition, you need to pick the maximum visitors you want to be sent, pick your budget, make sure Google Analytics is hooked up and that’s it.

You can create a traffic Jet campaign in seconds. take a look at the image below for more details.

semrush how it works traffic jet
courtesy of SEMrush

Auto campaign creation

You don’t have to create any ads for your website they’re automatically created for you.

Traffic Jet’s AI uses your google analytics to continuously make updates to give you the best possible outcomes. They call it auto-optimization 24/7.

It gets better.

They manage your creatives (your websites, pages, and posts) and automatically place them across various channels. This includes Search, Display, Mobile, and Social.

seo beginner sem rush traffic jet
courtesy of SEMrush

Guaranteed results based on your goals

Based on your needs you can set what you want the traffic to do, for example: Build awareness, generate high-quality convertible leads, or increase sales.

You can receive personalized traffic based on your URL category, targeted locations or budget. It’s spectacular.

semrush traffic jet guaranteed results
courtesy of SEMrush

What’s the catch does it cost a mini fortune?

This is my favorite part. SEMrush stays true to their word when they say they make tools for everyone to have a fair advantage online.

The price is based on how much traffic you want to drive to your site, and you only pay for the traffic that actually gets to your site, based on your google analytics. So you never over pay!

You can start a campaign for as low as $50. Yes, and that’s still with guaranteed traffic.

sem rush pricing
courtesy of SEMrush

What’s also great is you know exactly where your visitors are coming from. You just need to run a source/medium report from google analytics

In addition to this report, you have a reporting dashboard inside the Traffic Jet tool.

semrush traffic jet full transparency
courtesy of SEMrush

What if I have more questions about Traffic Jet?

I know how some things can sound overly easy and we are all naturally skeptical. So with your best interest in mind, I have the most frequently asked Traffic Jet questions link and page all ready for you. Click the link or the image below to read more questions and get the answers to them.

courtesy of SEMrush

As you can see Traffic Jet is doing something very special. Using this tool can easily create hundreds if not thousand of new customers in a months time.

Main Features and Benefits

I suppose it’s only fair to list the features and benefits that gave SEMrush their claim to fame. They are excellent and can be easily learned using the resources I provided to you earlier.

If you are new to SEO and need a place to get comfortable with how SEO functions there is no better platform then this.

sem rush home page
courtesy of SEMrush

What you will notice quickly is they are a one-stop-shop for all things search engine marketing. Making it easy and efficient to build momentum.

The features they offer are abundant and help over 5 million users worldwide. Some features included are the:

SEO Toolkit – Complete workflow for any SEO level, beginner to advanced.

Advertising Toolkit – Paid traffic analysis, competition analysis, and more.

Social Media Toolkit – Helps you build an effective plan for your social media platforms.

Content Marketing Toolkit – Includes ideas for your articles, an editorial calendar, content optimization and so much more.

Competitive Research Toolkit – Helps you have clear marketing insights and improves your competitive intelligence with research that helps you create better marketing strategies.

Whether you are a beginner or consider yourself an advance digital marketer. SEMrush has something to help you become better.

Summary and next steps

You have learned a lot today, we have gone over SEO for beginners, explaining what SEO is, why it’s important and the benefits of using this strategy to receive more visitors on your site.

We also talked about the top 11 SEO terms you need to know in order to begin working with SEO comfortably. Don’t forget the glossary is there if you need it.

Then we moved on to learning about some free resources that will help you practice your SEO skills and get you to learn more about how to apply the proper techniques to use the keywords you select. The SEMrush Academy is there for you. And so is the keyword research course.

What else?

You learned about events, podcasts, webinars, eBooks, and games that all teach you more about SEO and digital marketing. I am sure there are others we went over. But you can refer back if you need a refresher on where to find things.

Next Steps

Get your hands on the free content available to you, use the SEMrush Academy, read some eBooks, listen to a few podcasts. When you’re ready Sign up for a free seven-day trial. You can’t go wrong having these tools available to you.

Businesses rely on their accuracy every day, and you will too.

My intention is to give you useful information that you can use when you feel like your stuck. And have at least one resource and coach you know is 100% worth your time and effort.

I hope that has been the outcome.

Thank you for the visit.

Use what you have learned today, don’t ignore these resources and conquer SEO and digital marketing for good.

P.S. If you want to see what it’s like looking up any websites traffic test it below:

Best wishes,

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