Tailwind Tribes Increased My Pinterest Audience From (13 people) to 19.5k! In Just 7 Days: Learn Exactly How You Can Too (Ultimate Guide)

Tailwind Tribes Increased My Pinterest Audience From (13 people) to 19.5k! In Just 7 Days: Learn Exactly How You Can Too (Ultimate Guide)

When I started building websites, I was never concerned with traffic. Tailwind Tribes wasn’t on my radar, I was naive. For some strange reason I thought all you did was create a blog, use some keywords and you would be golden. I was wrong.

Gaining traffic to your website organically takes work! And if your new to blogging you don’t have the resources or the time to sift through all the garbage on the internet about driving traffic.

Now that may sound harsh but hey… you never build anything that’s valuable lying to yourself or others.

So I set out to figure out social media traffic and what would be the best solution for me. This article is a portion of my findings. I learned Organic traffic is the best traffic. It’s free, targeted, and once it starts its steady.

Wouldn’t it be awesome to start building organic traffic, that was specifically targeted to your niche? How good would it feel to become a Pinterest ninja? And help other people or businesses do the same? After you learn these steps today you can.

Truth be told: This is a how-to blog, and though you may have a tendency to skim or jump around, you will get the best out of this piece if you read it in its entirety first. There are several areas of detail and I would hate for you to miss something and not get excellent results.

Also, I will start from the point of someone who doesn’t yet have a Pinterest account. But, if you have one you can still easily follow along. You may just have to add a few more boards and pins.

What You Will Learn From This Blog

If you have read any of my other posts you’ll know I like to go over details. This post will be no different. You will learn step by step how I built up my following on Pinterest and what opportunities it opened up for me and how you can do the same. The Details I will cover are:

  • How To Drive Traffic To Your Site With Pinterest And Build Your Audience
  • How To Navigate Through Pinterest To Build Your Boards Properly.
  • How To Use Tailwind Tribes
  • How To Use The Pin On Top Chrome Extension
  • How To Sign Up For Pinterest Groups
  • How To Use The Tailwind Chrome Extension
  • How To Use Tailwind Looping For Maximum Exposure

Not necessarily in that order, but you will get all of these lessons today in this blog post. After today you will know exactly how to use the Pinterest scheduler software Tailwind (affiliate links) to build a powerful Pinterest following. Not to mention some other really awesome tools to gain trust on Pinterest.

So let’s get into it. We have a ton to cover.

Let’s See The Proof

So before I jump into how to use Tailwind or go over any Tailwind reviews, I think it’s a good idea to show you exactly what my numbers looked like before I found this amazing way to build traffic.

You will gain some context on how much of a game-changer this really is. And by the way, these numbers are recent, this is from the beginning of June.

This system works and is not outdated or blacklisted in any way. However, my growth was so fast Pinterest did suspend me for 1 whole day to check my account. I have the email screen shots to prove it!

So you can rest assured these aren’t hacks, it’s a strategy that works.

Let’s Start In May

At the beginning of May 2020, I started my Pinterest account revolving around WordPress. Here are my analytics at the end of May.

pinterest analytics board for May
As you can see on the left it was the last 3 days of May

At this point I had 13 people viewing my page for that month! I was hurting😂

May 31st traffic without Tailwind

When I looked at this I said to myself… self… you have to figure out a way to improve this performance.

Then after a sh*t ton of caffeine and 3 laptop battery charges later, I found it. Tailwind!

I did some more reading, decided to get a Tailwind login after reading about 10 tailwind reviews.


I’m thorough 😁.

After I set up everything and learned how things worked here’s what happened.

I started Tailwind on May 30th

Looking at these analytics you can see on the left this is over a 7 day period. On June 1st it’s low, same for the 2nd and 3rd but then a massive spike.

What happened you might be asking yourself? I’ll tell you.

Tailwind happened.

See, Tailwind Tribes and their Pinterest scheduler decide on the best times to share your pins, and it takes a few days for the algorithm to maximize your pins content with the audience on Pinterest.

But once they figure it out. You’re off like a rocket ship.

11.87K daily total 5 days

Wait! There Has To Be More To This

And you’d be right. Take a look at this!

Not only did my audience skyrocket but so did my impressions, and engagement. Tailwind not only increases your views but they put your pins in front of people who want to read or engage with your content.

This was a report for a month, from May to June

You remember the report I first showed you!? I was negative in engagement. Then when I ran a report just for June for the past 7 days, here’s the data.

pinterest stats
Yup 19.5k total audience in 7 days

This is incredible, Tribes also helps with so much more. I will get into that later. But as you can see, it’s worth your time and attention to start using Tailwind along with the other strategies I will show you today.

In 7 days!

Now I know there are so many people out there crushing it with Pinterest but for me, being a newbie to creating organic traffic is a big deal. Especially for a WordPress account, it’s not the sexiest of topics.

Pinterest is known for other niches being more popular, so if you have another niche the system I am going to show can work even better!

So How Can You Get Those Results?

You may do better or worse, I can’t guarantee anything. What I can do is tell you progress will happen. Follow along and your account will change drastically. I started with my yoga blog last week and I already have 800+ viewers and 40 followers.

Let’s start with your fresh Pinterest account (if you have an account already just update your account accordingly)

The first thing you want to make sure you do is to open a business Pinterest account. It’s free and it gives you more analytics and tools to use. Like the ones, I showed you above.

Once your account is up and running you will need to begin with creating a Pinterest board. A board is like a holding area for all of your pins.

I like to think of it as a digital dream board. And all the things you love and dream about get pinned to your board.

So in order to pin up a picture of that swanky new house you want to own, you have to create a board first.

When creating your boards you want to be strategic.

You don’t want to just give it any name.

So first go up to the search bar. And type in your idea name for the board. For me, my niche is WordPress so I will start with WordPress. And since I want a board about design, I will type the letter d after the word WordPress.

pinterest search bar

The search engine will spit back the top options for WordPress and any words that make sense starting with the letter d. Whichever choice comes first is the most searched. You want to create your board name with the most searched term and work your way down if it makes sense to you. Here’s an example.

pinterest search bar drop down

Once you found the name that is highly searched it’s time to create your board.

Home screen board button
home screen board button

If you’re just starting out your page will be empty. But you see how I have 9 boards? I will e creating my tenth. This number if very important. You want to have between 10 and 15 boards in your Pinterest account. Now don’t worry. You will not have to create all the pins for each board but you will have to find them.

create your board
create your board

This is important and requires a specific strategy that I am going to show you. Doing this will tell Pinterest you are an authority in your niche and therefore they will drive more people towards your boards and pins.

It will make more sense soon enough.

Moving right along, time to create the name for your board.

When creating your board you will be creating it for a specific topic for the pins you will store on the board. For example, I have WordPress design ideas in the image below. So all the pins I use for that board will only be about WordPress design ideas.

pinterest board

Once you add the name you will be presented with this screen below. You may have pins if you’re not new to Pinterest, so the below image may be familiar to you.

But if you’re a beginner it will be bare. Click on the black circle to the left with the three dots then click on edit.

Edit your Board

In this next step, you will be describing what your board is about to your viewers. Often times people click on a board and want to read what it’s about before they even click on a pin.

Make sure when you are creating your board you don’t put in a category. I know some may disagree but categories in this sense are not necessary. You will see why in just a moment.

pinterest board description
Describe your board

Tags are going to be how your boards will be found. It’s based on people’s direct searches and as you know (hopefully) Pinterest is a search engine. When I learned about tagging instead of setting the category I was like…. ooooohhh (light bulb over my head).

pinterest tags
Pinterest tags

Time To Save Some Pins

Here you are going to get an option to save pins that are relevant to your board. I would save at least 5. We will revisit this again later. But just pick five or six.

The quality of the pins in your board’s matter. Meaning how many shares and views they have. In a moment I will introduce a tool that helps you select the highest rated pins for your boards.

pinterest saving pins
Save a few pins

This will make your boards high powered traffic magnets. Because Pinterest has no choice but to promote your boards based on analytics.

That’s it! You have created your board and added some pins to it. Congratulations.

Keep in mind you must do this nine more times if you’re starting out brand new. Maybe you already have 10 boards. Then add 5 more. But, leave room for one board that will be your best of board.

Keep reading to find out what I mean.

Go through the steps of using the magic of the Pinterest search bars auto listing feature. Add some new Pinterest board names that are highly searched. Edit them, add a description filled with clear descriptive words.

Pinterest Pro Tip: Use the board name in your description. That’s SEO secret the pro agencies use.

The Best of Board

Okay here is the last part of this section on creating your boards and pins. After you create 9 boards your 10th should be a best of your Pinterest account name board.

For example, my Pinterest account is WP {with} Me right? So for that – my best of board would look like this.

pinterest best of board
The best of your Pinterest account board

Once this is done you will only fill this board with your pins. Visitors of your page tend to go to the very first board and snoop around so make sure you put your best pins on this board.

You might be thinking how do I make that board first? Every time I add a new board it gets moved over.

Pinterest Pro-Tip: You can drag and drop your pins to situate them any way you want. Just be careful, if you don’t fully slide your board over and take over a position of the previous board, you will combine a board with another.

This is okay and helps boards be more organized but in this case, you want your Best Of Board to be visible. So don’t combine it with any other boards.

drag and drop board

Once you have done that and you have at least 10 – 15 boards, you can move on to adding highly shared pins with the pin on top Google chrome app.

Highly shared Pins?

Yeah, highly shared pins. When you download the Pin on top chrome extension it allows you to see what pins are the best on the board. What this does is tell Pinterest you are an authority and only share the best pins and content. Which drives people to your boards and then to your website.

First thing you want to do is get the P.O.T (pin on top) chrome app from the app store in your chrome browser.

pin on top chrome extension
P.O.T chrome app

Once you install this app you will be able to see how many saves a pin on Pinterest gets. Look up to the right hand corner of your browser you should see the icon for the app.

Now you want to go back to your profile on Pinterest.


Then you want to go to the search bar up at the top of the page. Type in the name or category of board you’re looking for.

selecting your board for pin on top

When you select your board it’s very important that you change the selection from your pins to boards after you name the board you want. If you don’t, Pinterest will be looking for that name in your pins and that is not what you want.

So add the board name first then select the drop down and click on boards.

Once you do this you will be presented with several boards. look at the boards and select the board you want. For instance in the picture below I selected the first board.

pinterest board

after you find the board you want just click it and it will bring you to that boards pins.

Once you are on that pins page, you can now use the Pin On Top chrome extension. Click on the extension icon and you will see the Pin On Top selection box. Don’t mess with numbers just click on the sort by saves button.

Once you click on sort by saves the app will begin calculating the pin saves on the page. Once it’s finished you will be left with a page showing all of the saves at the top of the pin.

pin on top saves page

Now you can select what ever pin you want to save.

Pin On Top Pro Tip: The pins get turned into links. This will allow you to open up the pin in a separate window by right-clicking your mouse and selecting open in a new window. You can select the pin you want and not have to reset the Pin On Top app over and over.

Now that you know how to find the best pins to save you can go back to the boards you created and add high-quality pins to each of your boards. Again this is building your page as an authority and will begin to drive more visitors to your Pinterest Page.

Your Next Pinterest Secret Weapon

Is to start joining some group boards. This gives you massive exposure to other eyeballs and interactions with your pins.

So how do you set up a Pinterest group? C’mon, you know I got your back on this.

Keep reading and learn what so many don’t know about Pinterest.

Looking for your Pinterest group

You may have never heard of group boards before and that’s okay. They are like secret societies for your niche that promote each other and get you connected with like minded people on Pinterest.

This is a great way to drive targeted traffic to your site and boards. Because you already know everyone in that group is interested in your area of expertise.

First things first, you need to know what a group board looks like. Each group board has a little circle on the bottom left corner of the board. Take a look at the image below. You will see an example of what I mean.

Group images

As you can see there are images in the bottom left of the boards. You will also see in the image I did a search for group boards and picked the board’s drop-down option. That is a very specific step you must remember.

Are there other options to find group boards?

Yes, there is. I will offer you the easiest way I found to look for additional group boards on Pinterest.

There several options out there, by all means, do what works best for you. I do the search in Pinterest but sometimes you want a broader approach and that is what Pin Groupie provides.

pin groupie
Home page for pin groupie

This is a Pinterest group repository so to speak. Here you find groups based on a niche or a keyword. Here is an example below. I chose the keyword WordPress for my search.

pin groupie
WordPress Keyword

Then it’s up to you to pick your topic or should I say, group. I selected SEO social media here’s what happens next.

Some groups you select will tell you exactly what you need to do in order to join the group right on this site. Other groups will guide you back to Pinterest, where there will be instructions on how to join the group page.

Steps to take when joining a group

Some times you won’t see instructions, and that can mean a few things. A) the group is not accepting new members and just did not put a message on the main page informing people looking to join or B) You must do a little more digging and just follow the owner of the group by clicking on their image and sending a message asking to join.

I have seen messages stating the group is closed before, if you see that, just find another group to join. Part of building traffic for free requires some effort on your part. You won’t get something for anything here. It’s going to take putting in the work but it does pays off.

What happens when I’m accepted into the group?

Once accepted you will see the group on your Pinterest board page.

wordpress group board
See the board in the middle with over 17 thousand pins?

This is how you get more views organically. But this isn’t even the best part. Joining groups will up your Pinterest swag for sure but this next add on is a major game changer and that is Tailwind and Tailwind tribes.

What is Tailwind?

Simply put Tailwind (affiliate links) is the premier social media manager for Pinterest and Instagram. It lets you schedule when you send out your pins to your audience.

They also let you build relationships in a community with other Pinterest users giving you even more exposure to allow others in your tribe to share, and repin your posts with others.

Tailwind has an exclusive relationship with Pinterest.

What does this mean for you? I mean seriously how does this help you?

For starters when you use Tailwind for management of Pinterest you are getting software that calculates the best times to make your posts. You are getting white hat social media management. This means you can’t get in trouble for posting pins through tailwind. If tailwind approves the post Pinterest is ok with it.

You don’t have to try to game the system or worry about if your account will be band because of spamming.

Remember I told you earlier, my account got suspended briefly because of my meteoric rise using Pinterest?

Well because I was using Tailwind, Pinterest had to apologize for the mistake and fix my account immediately. they realized all my actions were legit. I was just a regular user that figured out how to get massive attention the right way. Here is my proof.

pinterest suspended
This is what I got and I laughed

I saw this and chuckled because this is what the algorithm is designed to do. But after I clicked on the link it took them no time at all to see I was using white hat strategies and Pinterest had to apologize and immediately fix my account.

pinterest reactivated
account reactivated

Now I am not saying this will happen to you, what I am saying is you don’t have to worry about it if it does. Tailwind is the absolute best tool to use in relation to building your Pinterest audience and the best part is it’s free!

How do you get started with Tailwind and Tailwind Tribes?

The first thing you need to do in order to build your audience with Tailwind is to sign up for your free account here. The free account is plenty enough to get started. You can build a massive audience just like I did. Then if you want to later get a paid account, but it’s not a requirement.

Next, you want to confirm your email and use your Tailwind login to set up your preferences.

One of the best things about this software is the support. They have a fantastic walkthrough on how to use Tailwind and all of its features.

After you sign up for Tailwind you want to download the chrome extension for Tailwind.

tailwind chrome extension
Tailwind Google Chrome extension

This is awesome because once you do it allows you to engage with Pinterest from anywhere on the internet (let me be more specific). You can take any image from a website and make it a pin to that post in seconds.

You can select the board you want it to go too from the chrome app, share it on Facebook and Twitter and even post it in your tribe group. All in a few simple clicks. Here are a few examples of what I mean.

Using Tailwind to share a pin on Pinterest

Within your account when you click on someone’s pin you can share it through tailwind and also add it to your board of choice. By selecting the Tailwind icon you are given the option to use the Pinterest scheduler through Tailwind to maximize the best time to share that pin.

using tailwind in pinterest

Tailwind uses special AI to figure out what the best times are to share your pins. You can schedule everything yourself if you want to. But I find it beneficial to let them do it for me. It worked out perfectly that way.

Pinterest Pro Tip: When sharing someone else’s pin on Pinterest and you are choosing the board to want to save it to, Pinterest will recommend what boards will give you the most exposure for that pin. Try and remember that when you share. You will see the recommendation in the dropdown menu when selecting your board.

top board suggestions
top board sugestions

The next way to use the Pinterest scheduler through Tailwind is by just visiting your favorite websites and hovering over an image. Most images can be used as a pin cover and once you decide to share that image the entire article or page becomes a pin. Look at the example below. I decided to share a quote from one of my favorite sites I read quotes on.

scheduling a image to share with tailwind
Most images will have this icon when you hover
tailwind selection screen
Tailwind Sharing screen

As you can see Pinterest makes it very easy to share content and stay involved with the platform. You see Pinterest is all about interaction and playing well with others.

The more you share and post others’ content and create unique content the more the platform rewards you. That is why…

Tailwind Tribes

is such an extraordinary opportunity for growth. Tailwind works hand in hand with Pinterest. If Tailwind is promoting it that means Pinterest is going to reward anyone using it.

It’s white hat posting and sharing, and if you don’t think Tailwind knows the algorithm inside and out you kidding yourself. Tailwind Tribes is the rocket fuel to the vehicle we just built above. When you use tribes (which also comes free with Tailwind) you are playing at the top of the leader board. You are doing exactly what Pinterest wants you to do.

Your sharing on the best schedule, your sharing great content from thousands of great pins that you can see are relevant. And are getting likes and shares right inside the tribe’s platform.

Imagine being given a cheat sheet to your most important test, and the teacher said as long as you follow his guidelines you can use the cheat sheet. Would you turn down that offer?

Of course not.

Most of us might have had a teacher or two that allowed us to use our notes for the test. Well, Tailwind tribes is that cheat sheet. And I am the teacher telling you what rules and guidelines to follow. You just have to the notes from this post.

How does Tailwind Tribes work?

When you join Tailwind Tribes you are joining a community of Pinterest enthusiasts that have set up groups on the platform ( You can also set up your own group and invite people if you want).

When you join a tribe you then see all the pins people have created,. You see the interaction with those pins and you have the ability to immediately schedule a sharing of those pins with the boards you created on your Pinterest account.

Once you are in a tribe you also can share your pins with that group. Some groups have thousands of members. This again gets more exposure of your pins and targeted traffic not only to your Pinterest account but also to your website, blog, or another online platform your pin is connected to.

This is all done for free and is highly targeted because your traffic is coming from the tribe.

Take a look at what you see when you begin using tribes.

There are thousands of pins created every day in your tribes. You can select the ones you love and schedule out pins for weeks, so you stay active. This also shows Pinterest your a team player and you actually interact with others and not only post your content. Believe it or not this matters.

pinterest tribes
main page of tribes

As I mentioned earlier, you can see how well a pin is doing in a tribe and choose to share it on your board. If you look at the fire icon in the upper right corner of the pin you will see a number. The higher that number the better the pin. All the top pins are always first in the feed.

You will also see in the tribes dashboard a tab that says yours. This tab shows all of the pins you shared with a particular tribe.

If you look closely at the left of the image below you will see the tribe name Blogging & Social Media Marketing Pros. My “yours” tab – just above the pins, will show me all the pins I posted in this tribe.

Tailwind Tribes Pro Tip: You will never see your pins directly in the feed of your tribe group. So don’t think they are not getting posted. You must use the “Yours” tab to see them. Other users will see your pins from there view.

There is another great thing about Tailwind and that is…

Building Relationships

You can chat with tribe members, answer questions people have about a topic, and more. The more you help, share, and show your value; the more people see you are a person who adds value and start to share your pins.

And that is a point I want to make here.

Yes, you will gain more audience members on Pinterest if you follow this strategy. If you get Tailwind and put in the work you will see results. But… if you want to really see longevity, be of service to other people.

Actually help them, by making content that takes more than an hour to make.

Listen… people can tell when you’re just going through the motions. Don’t be a person or content creator that just puts things together. Take your time and master your craft. That builds a great following as well.

Just like Google, Pinterest is a search engine, they not only want engagement, they want unique content and there is no getting around that.

The Cherry On Top

The last thing you can do in order to create a huge jump in your visitors to your Pinterest page and website is to use Pinterest SmartLoop. SmartLoop is a software that allows Tailwind to take your most engaging and content-rich pins and share them as much as you want on a loop schedule that Tailwind picks.

This is huge because you don’t have to worry about sharing too much or seeming spammy.

Tailwind takes care of all of it.

This service gives you the ability to rinse and repeat your best pins, and never deal with the aggravation of having to remember. The automation is priceless and you also get this for free just because you have a tailwind account.

pinterest smart loop
Automate your best pins to share: image source- tailwind.com

In Summary

Let me wrap it all up in a nice neat package for you. Pinterest is a major player in the search engine game. It’s not just for arts and crafts, and recipes. It is being used to run and market very successful online businesses.

You can leverage the power of Pinterest by following this ultimate guide on how to increase your organic traffic using these strategies.

Tailwind, Tailwind Tribes, and Tailwind SmartLoop, and the chrome extensions I mentioned are very important pieces to the free traffic puzzle many have been trying to solve. Join some groups and begin adding content people will find valuable.

I wrote this how-to article because I suffered from finding ways to build traffic and finally found one that works. No sneaky tricks and no left out steps.

I highly recommend Tailwind for growing your Pinterest following and business. Following the steps from this article will have you receiving free targeted organic traffic in no time.

Get your free Tailwind account here. and please reach out to me on twitter @wpwithme1 with any questions you may have. I will be happy to help you in any way I can.

To your endless success,

Rockey Simmons

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